CCT-1800 Terahertz Time-domain Spectrometer


CCT-1800 Terahertz Time-domain Spectrometer is independently developed by SITTI. The spectrometer is compact and flexible, especially suitable for terahertz research and testing in the fields of biology, medicine, chemistry, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, materials, food, drugs, and pharmaceuticals etc.The CCT-1800 terahertz time-domain spectrometer can acquire physical parameters of time domain spectrum, frequency domain spectrum, dielectric constant, refractive index spectrum, phase spectrum, absorption spectrum, time domain imaging, frequency domain imaging, and absorption spectrum imaging etc.


Compact structure, strong expandability and high reliability.

Highly integrated optical path and minimum space occupation;

No need to adjust the internal light path when testing,stable and reliable;

Closed optical path and circuit system, long lifespan;

Rich functional modules, new modules can be customized.

Terahertz transmission spectrum test sample holder can detachable andbecustomized.

The scanning spot of transmission line and transmission imaging is less than 3mm.

Scanning range 50mm*50mm

Scanning range 50mm*50mm

Focal length: 50mm, 25.4mm

(can be customized)

First-class test speed

High-performance delay lines and lock-in amplifiers are used, along with optimized control algorithms, sweeping speeds up to 15 Hz (adjustable).

Control software is simple and easy to use, data analysis software is comprehensive (function can be customized)

Instrument control and data analysis functions are designed into different software to facilitate teamwork and improve instrument utilization.

The control software is used to control the terahertz time domain spectrometer to perform spectral lines, imaging tests,and derive raw terahertz data;

The analysis software is used for batch processing and analysis of terahertz lines, data and images obtained by control software testing;

Simple operation, sweep spectrum / imaging function

Time domain waveform, frequency domain waveform (FFT)

Time domain imaging, frequency data derivation, quadratic processing domain imaging

5000 sets of data one-time import, CSV/picture export

Time domain imaging, frequency domain imaging,absorption spectroscopy, displacement imaging

Time domain spectrum, frequency domain spectrum,dielectric constant, refractive index spectrum,phase spectrum, absorption spectrum

Terahertz application cloud platform

Service guarantee

Terahertz Spectral Database: THz Spectral Data Entry and Data Sharing

Agricultural Internet of Things: Real-time determination of pesticide residues,

monitoring of agricultural product diseases

Industrial Internet of Things: Product Quality Monitoring,Fault Monitoring and Process Optimization

Construction system, standardized research and development, production, technical support team.

24-hour hotline service, door-to-door troubleshooting within 3 working days.

Continuously provide instrument software and hardware upgrade services, custom function development.


Terahertz source

Light-controlled photoconductive   semiconductor emitter

Spectral resolution 20GHz
Terahertz detector

Light-controlled photoconductive   semiconductor receiver

Scanning accuracy 2μm

780nm femtosecond laser (menlo, Germany)

Sweeping speed 15Hz
Spectral range


Input voltage 220VAC
Scan range


Power consumption 100W
Dynamic range

80 dB

Data transmission Network port(RJ45)
Imaging mode Time domain, frequency domain Sample modules purge Nitrogen purgedΦ6mm tube
Imaging area 50mm*50mm Operating Environment temperature 15℃ ~ 30℃        humidity 20 %~ 80%