CCT keeps rapid growth constantly, which raise community’s continued attention. CCT gains these honors: Shenzhen City Top 100 Industrial Enterprise, Guangdong Province Top 100 Industrial Manufacture, Guangdong Province Top 500 Enterprise, Top 100 China Software Enterprise, Top 50 Deloitte China High Technology and High-growth Company, Top 20 Deloitte Shenzhen High Technology and High-growth Company, Shenzhen City Mayor Quality Award etc.

CCT is the only private enterprise member of the Terahertz Cooperative Innovation Center. It has a domestic workstation specializing in terahertz research and development workstation - Guangdong Province Academician Expert Enterprise (CCT) Workstation. CCT hired the international terahertz standard-bearer Liu Shenggang academician as chief academician. CCT will serve as the main organizer of "Shenzhen Advanced Science and Technology International Conference - Terahertz Science and Technology and Applications (SICAST) since 2015. At the end of 2014, CCT has been able to carry out 750GHz test, in the world's leading level.

Under the correct leadership and strong support of CCT, as well as the severe situation of fierce market competition, SITTI is focusing on innovation system construction as the core, microwave, millimeter wave, terahertz technology Innovation-oriented, the use of "innovative application + fund binary coupling" model, around the industrial chain to build innovative chain ideas, to promote knowledge, technology, products and industry in-depth integration, and achieved initial results. At present, independent research and development of products millimeter wave human security instrument, terahertz time domain spectrum analyzer, infrared spectroscopy analysis has been gradually applied to various places.

SITTI won the Bao'an District 2015 scientific and technological plan - key laboratory construction project funding, construction of terahertz application technology key laboratory. In April 2017, CCT, Shenzhen Polytechnic and SITTI worked together to establish the first domestic terahertz and the specific manufacturing industry integration of innovation center.