Research direction


THz Radiation

Terahertz radiation source based on electron injection to excite a surface plasmon;

Terahertz radiation source based on ultrafast laser pulses and nonlinear optical crystals;

High-power terahertz radiation source based on vacuum electronic terahertz gyros;


THz Spectroscopy

Design of terahertz-wave chips and solid-state devices based on GaN, graphene and nanofabrication technologies;

Design of array antennas based on CMOS and ceramic packaging technology;

Design a wideband terahertz wave FM continuous wave signal generator based on direct digital synthesis technology;


THz Comm

To develop a terahertz communication system based on optoelectronic technology, to form a flexible distribution network of fiber-wireless (Fi-Wi) for the next generation of high-frequency communication system layout;

Development of low phase noise photonic THz carrier frequency technology, making it suitable for 16QAM and above high-order modulation format;

Utilize OFDM and other multiplexing methods to improve the spectral efficiency and promote the capacity of Terahertz wireless communication system to Tbps or higher on the basis of large bandwidth resources of terahertz carrier frequency.



Rresearch on microwave, millimeter wave and terahertz integrated circuits based on CMOS, GeSi, GaAs, GaN, etc. Mainly covers low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, frequency sources and other chip research.

Breakthrough microwave, millimeter-wave system integrated chip core technology, on-chip antenna research, to achieve fully integrated wireless transceiver system.

The on-chip testability design for terahertz chips reduces the need for external test equipment.